Allergies to Wasp Stings Can Kill You
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Allergies to Wasp Stings Can Kill You

Allergies to wasp stings can kill you if you are sensitive to them. Red wasps are especially nasty. They are very aggressive stinging insects.

Allergies to wasp stings can kill you if you are sensitive to them. Red wasps are especially nasty. They are very aggressive stinging insects. I have noticed that the red wasps are even more aggressive than the paper wasps that we have had all last year. We got rid of the paper wasps and the red wasps moved in. They normally live in the ground, but they will also make their nests in your home, in your walls and in your attack. We have red wasps living in our home; the nest is somewhere up in the attack. There is no way to get up into the attack space to locate the wasps, but we see them coming and going through an opening in the ceiling. We had a leak from the roof that caused a leak in our ceiling. A hole was drilled into the ceiling to let the water out, so that the ceiling wouldn’t fall in on us. Apparently, this is where the red wasps come and go.

Almost every day I see these red wasps on the carpet. I will kill them and dispose of them when I see them. Yesterday I got stung on my toe, because I was walking bare footed. I have been stung by red wasps twice before. The first time was on my big toe and I had a localized reaction. It was very painful and my foot swelled, but nothing spectacular happened. The second time I got stung was on my index finger and the swelling and redness went up my arm to my shoulder and stopped there. Yesterday (2/23/11), I got stung on my pinky toe and in a few minutes I started itching all over my body. Next, I noticed that my lips were getting numb. They felt like I had been shot with Novacaine. In a few minutes my tongue was falling out of my mouth and I had trouble talking. I knew then I was in trouble. My family drove me to the hospital emergency room, and by the time I got there my heart felt like it was in a vice, and I had trouble breathing. My airway was still open, but the respiratory distress was coming from my cardiopulmonary system. I was totally unable to speak because my tongue was swollen out of my mouth and secretions were coming out of my mouth. My eyes were swelled shut. This reaction was the worst I have ever experienced with any kind of insect sting.

We called an exterminator, but they said we would have to find the nest. There is no way for us to find it, that I can tell. I think the only thing we can do is to seal up the hole in the ceiling to keep them trapped up in the ceiling. The only problem I can foresee is that the wasps will find some other way out of the attack and dive bomb us in the house.

If anyone has any ideas of how to locate and kill red wasps, feel free to leave the information in the comment section.

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Comments (7)

OH my gosh Charlene, What did you do for yourself? do you carry an epi-pen? That was anaphylaxis! It is a wonder you survived.

Ranked #28 in Allergies

I went to the ER and they gave me 2 rounds of IV benadryl, depomedrol and epinepherine... the first round did nothing for me.. but the second round did help me and I was good to go home in about 2 hours. They told me to go to my regular doctor for the prescription for the epi pen. This was my very first bad reaction. The first one was nothing, second was large localized reaction and this one was systemic. Yes, I was in anaphylaxis. I think my heart would have stopped if I didn't get there soon enough. I took benadryl at home, and that might have given me time to get to the hospital.

Well for gracious sakes, I am certainly glad you responded quickly. The next time will kill you. Keep that pen with you.

Ranked #28 in Allergies

My appointment with her is in 9 days.. the closest I could get... so I hope I don't get stung between now and then. Sean taped up that hole.. so maybe there won't be anymore flying in the house. I am on prednisone and zytec and an inhaler for 10 days... that's a lot of meds for this reaction. My throat is still swelled a little.. my esophagus too.. can't eat any solid food due to it getting stuck and hurting me... it was worse yesterday.

Don't hesitate to go back to the ER if you need to. Take care of yourself.

Ranked #22 in Allergies

I am so sorry that this happened to you.

Ranked #2 in Allergies

Thanks for the awareness Charlene, I wish your in good health at this time.