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Mucus has a purpose, but too much mucus can cause health problems that range from annoying to making it hard to breath. Excessive mucus can be caused by allergies or the flu and colds. There are certain foods that can cause excessive mucus and also foods that can relieve mucus. Learn about the foods.
Published by Sam Montana 70 months ago in Allergies | +30 votes | 20 comments
Anaphylactic shock is a severe allergic reaction that is life threatening and can be caused by foods, insect stings, chemicals and other products.
Published by Sam Montana 81 months ago in Allergies | +34 votes | 15 comments
Is there a connection between hay fever and rapeseed oil?
Published by Aunty Ann 83 months ago in Allergies | +15 votes | 12 comments
Anaphylaxis is a type of allergic reaction, in which the immune system responds to otherwise harmless substances from the environment. Unlike other allergic reactions, anaphylaxis can kill. Reaction may begin within minutes or seconds of exposure, and rapidly progress to cause airway constriction, skin and intestinal irritation, and altered heart rhythms.
Published by Ron Siojo 83 months ago in Allergies | +11 votes | 9 comments
One of the most common illness that affect people from all ages is asthma. It basically directs the air passages which are responsible for the intake of oxygen to and from the lungs. When asthma attacks, the inside walls of these airways become swollen, thus making it hard for an individual to breathe. This inflammation is more likely caused by allergens and free-radicals that a person may have inhaled. The best way to fight asthma is to keep the body at the best condition with a powerful immune...
Published by Ron Siojo 70 months ago in Allergies | +22 votes | 8 comments
This article is written in response to some request from friends suffering from asthma and including a young friend and prolific writer here in Knoji. She had been long-time suffering from these allergies and never heard from her or never see her writings for awhile. Asthma is a life-time ailment and need a constant supervision of a professional physician.
Published by Ron Siojo 70 months ago in Allergies | +19 votes | 8 comments
An allergy is a hypersensitivity disorder of the immune system. It occurs when the body's immune system overreacts to normally harmless substances. It aggravates the sense of smell, sight, tastes and touch causing irritation, extreme disability and sometimes fatality.
Published by Alma Galvez 83 months ago in Allergies | +16 votes | 8 comments
Many people have allergic reactions to the foods they eat. Extra amounts of Vitamin C can be used as a food allergy treatment. This is because they are helped by taking this essential nutrient. It not only relieves the symptoms, but it prevents inflammation and boosts the immune system.
Published by Cynthia Roberts 89 months ago in Allergies | +11 votes | 8 comments
Children are allergic to various things that may cause sneezing, coughing or wheezing. Do you wish to know the common allergies in children? How about knowing seasonal allergies in children? Few most common allergies in children would include dust mites, food allergies, pollen allergies, molds, cockroaches, pets, etc.
Published by Anuradha Ramkumar 90 months ago in Allergies | +8 votes | 8 comments
Allergies to wasp stings can kill you if you are sensitive to them. Red wasps are especially nasty. They are very aggressive stinging insects.
Published by Charlene Collins 86 months ago in Allergies | +4 votes | 7 comments
Wild cherry bark, derived from the rose family, has been used for centuries calming and soothing allergy complications, hay fever and asthma. It has anti-bacterial, anti-viral properties along with compounds that calm bronchial issues. Wild cherry bark contains quercetin which is potent for boosting immunity. Supplements, powders and syrups can be found in most health stores.
Published by Cheryl Murphy 73 months ago in Allergies | +14 votes | 6 comments
Some people have a medical syndrome that causes serious allergic reaction to the cold. This includes weather, food, water, cold objects and sometimes windy damp weather.
Published by Judith Barton 74 months ago in Allergies | +14 votes | 6 comments
Food allergy is an abnormal response to food that is triggered by a specific reaction in the system. It is expressed by certain, often characteristic, symptoms. These adverse reactions are prompt and place; common sites are the mouth (lip swelling), digestive tract, the airways (breathing problems) and the skin.
Published by Ron Siojo 85 months ago in Allergies | +8 votes | 6 comments
Different types of alcohol cause allergic reactions in some people.
Published by Sam Montana 113 months ago in Allergies | +10 votes | 6 comments
There are ways to naturally treat a sinus infection with eucalyptus oil, warm washcloths, sleep, dusting your home and drinking hot tea with honey. Sinusitis can be treated without an antibiotic from the doctor.
Published by Lindsey Lewandowski 82 months ago in Allergies | +9 votes | 5 comments
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