Controlling Dust Mites

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How to control and prevent dust mites in your home.

Millions of people suffer from allergies each year. Many suffer on a daily basis but do not know it until they receive treatment. Allergies cause a variety of issues. Skin irritation, hives and dry patches and eczema are very common with allergies. Difficulty breathing, asthma, bronchial spasms and restricted airways are also symptoms of allergies. Some obvious signs are itching, runny nose, and sneezing, wheezing and watery eyes. These common symptoms can be mildly irritating or severe enough to require hospitalization. An allergic reaction can be devastating. It often comes on suddenly without warning. It can also be difficult to determine exactly what caused the reaction. There are several environmental factors that contribute to allergies. The best way to find out what you are allergic to is by having a skin test done by your physician or allergist.

If you have mild allergies there are many natural remedies to help alleviate symptoms. The best way is avoidance. If you pinpoint what you are allergic to you might be able to avoid it in your environment. If you are allergic to dust mites you can take precautions to exterminate and prevent them from returning. Washing your bedding in hot water, above 130 degrees Fahrenheit, is an excellent way to eradicate dust mites. You can also buy protective liners that encase your mattress and pillows, where dust mites love to live and multiply. It is important that children who suffer from dust mite allergies have their stuffed animals and blankets washed weekly in hot water.

Dust mites are present year round but tend to get worse during cooler months when the house is closed up. They like dark humid environments. Dust mites also leave lots of droppings. Their dried droppings can become airborne when someone walks across a rug or carpet. This can then be inhaled and causes greater allergic reactions. It is also recommended that allergy suffers remove carpeting from their home. Carpeting is a great habitat for dust mites. Cleaning daily underneath mattress covers with a damp cloth is recommended to remove any debris the mites may leave behind. Regular dusting and cleaning of the home is also highly recommended. Window treatments can harbor dust. It is recommended to have window treatments that are easily washable. If they have fabric make sure you are able to wash them in hot water regularly. Plastic or vinyl blinds maybe best. Dust and allergens can be wiped off frequently. Dust mites are small so it’s difficult to know if you have a problem. The best solution is prevention. Follow these simple steps and your family can be on their way to better health.

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