Get Rid of Allergies
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Get Rid of Allergies



There are some people who are born to have sensitive skin and I am one of them. Having sensitive skin is not that easy because there are lots of things that you need to avoid and if not avoided, this can lead into skin allergy. Most is just rashes and some red marks but in some rare cases, in could be worst. In my case, I am dealing with unknown skin allergy still. I went to many physicians but all of there medicines is not working for me so the thing I did is I change my food and exercise regularly.

It is said that exercising can help to boost your immune system and can prevent skin allergies. It occurs when your system is weak and it cannot protect your whole body and react easily to the substances that you are eating, smelling or touching…


Skin allergies have many causes and some of them are:

Dust - There are some skin that react so easily when touch a dust or smell it just like me, I always clean my room but I suffer after cleaning it because even just 2 minutes, my whole skin get red and itchy. If you feel like itchy easily when it comes to dust then you better avoid it to prevent red rashes.

DOGS - Most of the people I know is allergic to dogs and every animal with hair. Me too… I am allergic to it so if you feel like itchy while holding them then sad to say you need to avoid them.

WASHING SOAPS - I just discovered that I am allergic to soap too when I washed my clothes so if you wash it then better use some gloves.

SOME FOOD - Avoid fried chicken, crab, egg, and fatty foods. Replace them with fruits and salad to make your immune system boost and fight allergies. If you have the severe allergy then this foods will be dangerous for you. Most patience I know cannot breath, turning to violet or worst so avoid it for your best health.

This is just only some samples of cause of skin allergies and there are more. There are some very rare cases that people can be allergic to medicines. So to know if you what food or things you are allergic then better go to the doctor and have a blood test. It wills help on what type of allergy you have or if it is mild or severe.

Don’t be discourage or worried about it as long you are following what are the doctor saying then everything will be fine. I know some of you guys don’t know what to do but the best way is too boost your immune system so eat lots and lots of fruits and exercise regularly.

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