The Healing Powers of Honey

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Can help heal wounds

It is amazing how nature can actually help us with different needs for our bodies.  Today, there are so many man-made substances on the market that we tend to forget what nature has already provided for us. One natural product that a lot of us tend to forget about is honey.  Honey has so many great benefits for our bodies that it is a super-food.  This product that bees have created for us through the access to pollens from different plants is amazing! 

One benefit that many don't realize is that honey is a good substance to use to help fight off allergies.  If you live in an area that tends to have a lot of plants and other vegitation around, moisture is high and that means molds and other bacteria are up.  Then most likely, you have developed allergies.  One way to fight back of course is to take a ton of over the counter (otc) medications which will either make you feel extremely dried out or so tired you can't focus on tasks that you need to get accomplished.  What better way to take care of your allergies?  Go all-natural. 

HONEY for Allergies:

1) First off, you need to find a local bee keeper.  This is highly important to the environment you live in.  The bees that are kept in the general area tend to pick up pollens from plants that you will find around your homes and neighborhoods.  With these particular pollens, they will go back to their nest to create the honey.  This is in fact a good thing for you.  You see, by being exposed to small amounts of the plant/pollen that you are allergic to, your body can build up an immunity to it.  It isn't something that will happen overnight, but it will help stop the problem with your allergies.  Finding a local bee keeper can be tough but recently, there have been a growing number of people that have found the benefits of local honey especially in the field of allergies.  The honey may be a bit more expensive, but in the long run, would you rather have to constantly spend hundreds of dollars visiting a doctor to find out what is making you sick or find something that will help stop the problem all together.  This can be a tough decision for some.  The need to know the specifics is a curiosity that many can't or won't walk away from.

2) Each day you will need to eat some of the honey.  It has been recommended by many people that it is best to take a tablespoon of honey in the morning upon rising, with a cup of tea and then again in the evening.  This helps to start the adjustment process.  As stated before, it does take time.  But the benefits are quite rewarding, knowing that you won't have to pick up another prescription from the doctor or another over-the-counter formula.

3) When you talk to the local bee keeper, find out where in the county they live.  Someone who lives further away might not be the right one to choose.  Bees have a tendency to travel great distances and may end up picking up pollens in areas outside of your location.  Then the benefits are only minimal.  So find out what you can about the honey maker. This will help a great deal.

4)  Check with your local agricultural deparment to see if they maintain a list of local bee keepers.  This will give you an idea of not only how many are in the area but where they are located in comparison to where your home is.

Honey for Energy-

What is the first thing that you crave when you begin to run low on energy?  Sugar.  Sugar is a great way to increase the energy that you need to get through the day; however, you can't simply eat the sugar by itself, that would be silly.  Many of us will reach for a candy bar, nutrition bar or something else that will pack on the calories.  If you are looking to loose a few pounds, this isn't good.  You want to maintain a healthy diet, but at the same time, you don't want to have to eat something every time you need the energy. 

A simple fix:  put a tablespoon of honey into a hot tea, coffee, or even an iced tea or other cold drink.  The honey is a great source of energy.  The enzymes in the honey work to help the body get the energy it needs a lot more quickly.  Because the honey is a product that has already been "pre-digested" (bee spit) it makes it easier for your body to take in.  Unlike the raw sugar that we typically consume, it takes more time to be digested, with honey, since it melts more quickly when added to something warm, it is able to be absorbed right into the system.  Many people have stated they feel a quicker boost when they drink tea with honey in it, rather than eating a candy bar.  Give it a try.

Immunity Booster-

Not only is Honey great for fighting the allergies and helping with the energy boost, but it can also help with your immune system.  Honey is loaded in antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties.  This helps your immune system fight off infection more quickly.  Several herbalists recommend starting your day off with a spoonful of honey and fresh lemon juice in water every day.  It is best to do before you have your breakfast in the morning. 

Healing purposes-

For hundreds of years, honey has been used to help heal cuts and burns.  If you have an open cut, after you have cleaned it with soap and water, apply a small amount of honey to the cut.  The anti-bacterial properties in honey help to fight off infection and also help the wound heal faster.  You can also apply honey to a burn, it helps to calm the painful stinging and also helps to heal the burned area faster. 

Have a sore throat?  Again, reach for the honey.  If you have it in a cup of warm tea, it is said that the honey will help to heal the sore throat again with its anti-bacterial properties.  It will help to sooth the burning sensation of the throat to make it easier to swollow and then in turn help you to rest so that you may get better from your illness.   Twice a day is the best way, increase more as necessary. 

By boosting our immune systems with honey, it is said that your body will be able to fight off infections a lot more quickly or for that matter help keep you from becoming ill.  It is a habit that will be hard to break into.  Many of us have a hard time getting into new habits.  In the end, you and your family will benefit. 

If you are allergic to bee stings, remember that doesn't mean you can't eat honey.  There are many people that are allergic to bees, but can eat honey with out any problems.  Always check with your doctor if you are unsure.  This is by no means coming from a doctor directly.  It is best to make sure you know all the facts and research carefully before you make dramatic changes in your lifestyle.

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